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Ghyll Scrambling/ Canyoning

To make sure you have all the right gear for your chosen activities we've put together this handy packing list for you.

This is not a one size fits all, and many of the items you may choose to leave behind depending on the weather (no need for the woolly hat if it's 30 degrees and hasn't rained for 3 weeks!)

Please remember though that anything in Bold is mandatory and you will not be allowed to start your activity if you do not have these items, this is for your safety! (And we will check)

What to wear;

You just need your swim suit to wear underneath your wetsuit. If you would like a bit of extra warmth you can wear clothing underneath, just make sure you're not wearing anything made of cotton. Cotton makes you very cold once it gets wet. Leggings and sports wear works very well.

Sturdy shoes - Boots are best but sturdy trainers are ok. As long as it has a rubber sole (if the sole is not black it's probably not rubber) and it has plenty of tread (grips) then they will be ok. If your shoes have a smooth sole then they will not be appropriate.

A waterproof phone case or waterproof camera

Medications (if it's on your medical form you need to bring it!) - We can provide a dry bag for these.

Things to leave in your car:

A change of clothes

A warm drink

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