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Paddleboard Rental

Rent one of our incredible Paddleboards for the lowest price in the Lakes.

Our Paddle boards are available to rent.  Please see below for details on our fleet of industry leading Paddleboards, as well as our prices.

Our boards can be delivered to your accommodation subject to availability.  Rentals of 2 or more boards include free pickup and delivery.  For single board rentals there is a £10 delivery charge.

Wetsuits and neoprene socks are also available to rent for only £10 per day.

Our Fleet

TwoBareFeet Entradia 11'6 Touring Inflatable board.

Our Fleet of brand new, and industry leading, Two Bare Feet paddleboards are the ideal craft to take you on your adventure.

Why did we choose these boards?  A lot of brands market 'beginner boards' but all this really means is that they are a little wider at the front and have a smaller 'rocker'.  This can sometimes make your first steps on a board a little easier for some, but makes the rest of your time harder as they are less manoeuvrable and they're slower (or rather you have to work harder).  The Entradia touring, thanks to its high volume and clever design is extremely stable ( even compared to other 'beginner boards', but moves through the water significantly more easily than any dedicated 'beginner' board.  This means you do better, see more and most importantly enjoy yourself more!


Why not buy a £150 paddleboard from Aldi?  

To be honest the easiest way to answer this question is to invite you to come along and see what it feels like to paddle a quality board.  Cheap boards don't last, they don't feel rigid (which makes life very hard work) and they are only ever single skinned (this means the slightest nick in the outer and your inflatable board deflates...bad news).  All our boards are double walled, made of much more robust material, with incredible amounts of technology resulting in a very rigid, safe and long lasting board! 

Our Prices

1-3 Days      -         £45 per day

3-5 Days       -         £40 Per Day

6 Days +      -        £35 Per Day


How to Book a Board

To Book please get in touch via Phone or Email

Phone - 07404740941

Email -

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