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Mountain Walking

The Lake District, home to the famous Alfred Wainwright MBE, chronicler of Mountain Peaks, offers the most impressive and breath taking scenery in England (and arguably in the world).  

While the mountains of the UK are comparatively small compared to those found in the rest of the world, they are without a doubt beautiful.  Little compares to the pleasure of looking out of the Lake District National Park from a remote summit.

The routes in the Lakes are rarely signposted and firm trails are rare.  This is one of the ways we keep our National Park pristine.  This also means that getting lost is easy and getting rescued is hard.  For those without the ability to effectively read an OS map and use a compass it is always recommended that you take a guide with you when exploring our mountains.  As well as ensuring you reach your destination and make it home in time for tea, a local guide comes with local knowledge.  

For those who wish to learn how to take care of themselves when walking in the mountains we can teach you all the skills you need!


For those looking to challenge themselves we guide the YORKSHIRE 3 PEAKS and the SCAFELL PIKE leg of the National 3 Peaks.

The YORKSHIRE 3 PEAKS is a long hard journey and any mistakes en route make it longer and harder.  For those who want someone to make sure the day goes smoothly, we know the route like the back of our hands!

Scafell Pike on the N3P?

Get in touch for Bespoke guiding packages for the National 3 Peaks.  As well as guiding the N3P we also provide guiding for Scafell Pike only.  Many groups choose to guide themselves on Mountains 1 and 3 (Ben Nevis and Snowdon), but understand that the risks of Scafell Pike in the dead of night pose significantly more risk.  For those that choose to take a guide for this leg, we have years of experience guiding Scafell Pike by night (we'll even make you a brew and biscuits at the end).

Leave no trace!

Here at Adventure.Outside we operate a strict leave no trace ethic!  While on your activity, as well as ensuring we take out everything we take in, we encourage you to pick up any litter you may find along your way.  It is vitally important that as outdoor educators and providers we encourage this behaviour. 

If you choose to take out any litter you find along your way, we offer a £10 refund on any session.  Or if you prefer we donate this money to Mountain Rescue, an entirely voluntary association.  Mountain rescue work alongside Air Ambulance, who are also a none profit charity, to help keep us all safe in remote areas and to rescue us when things go wrong. 

They are invaluable to our mountain environments.

What Will I need?

Check out our Activity information pages and check out or packing lists, or our FAQ page for all the information you may need.

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