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The Quarryman Adventures

The Biggest Adventure in the Lake District!

Come and join us for the greatest Adventure of your life.  Exploring the famed Cathedral Quarry, and lesser known Hodge Close. 


We will encounter Huge Abseils, Dark Tunnels, Underground pools, Jumps into deep water and Rock Scrambling!

Do you have what it takes?

Will you conquer all the abseils?               Will you brave the Tunnels?

                              Will you brave the underground pool?

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

When most people think of Adventure, the first thing that comes to mind is scaling cliff faces and dangling from ropes.

Here in the Lake District, where modern rock climbing was born, there is no better place to do just that!

Our bespoke climbing days/half days are the perfect place to have your first climbing experience or progress in the sport and explore the Lake District.  With our qualified, and extremely experienced and passionate climbing instructors, you will be in safe hands!

Of course, if you would prefer to test your mettle against the biggest abseil in the Lakes, at the iconic and beautiful Cathedral Caves, then look no further! 




What is involved in the Bespoke Climbing days?


The reason we don't have a fixed itinerary available for you to book is

that the Lakes is vast, the climbing varied and everyone is different.  

We pride ourselves in making sure that all of our clients get what they

want out of their climbing days.  The following are some of the more

popular options:

  • Top Roping - Ideal for families or groups of beginners who want to
    try climbing for the first time

  • Mix of top roping and abseiling for the more adventurous feel

  • Practice leading - For those who have climbed before and want to
    learn how to start placing 'traditional protection' whilst having the
    safety of a rope.

  • Indoor or outdoor coaching


Who is it for?

Beginners - Intermediate climbers

Many people worry about climbing when they have never done it before, often believing that without a lot of upper body strength it can't be done.  But rest assured there is climbing out there for people of every ability.  This is why we tailor every day to the individuals rather than a 'cover all' itinerary. 

Leave no trace!

Here at Adventure.Outside we operate a strict leave no trace ethic!  While on your activity, as well as ensuring we take out everything we take in, we encourage you to pick up any litter you may find along your way.  It is vitally important that as outdoor educators and providers we encourage this behaviour. 

If you choose to take out any litter you find along your way, we offer a £10 refund on any session.  Or if you prefer we donate this money to Mountain Rescue, an entirely voluntary association.  Mountain rescue work alongside Air Ambulance, who are also a none profit charity, to help keep us all safe in remote areas and to rescue us when things go wrong. 

They are invaluable to our mountain environments.

What Will I need?

Check out our Activity information pages and check out or packing lists, or our FAQ page for all the information you may need.

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