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Journey through the incredible waters of the English Lake district in the best way possible.

Journey across the the fabled English Lakes, soaking in the incredible atmosphere, taking in the breath taking views in the best way Canoe.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced paddler, exploring the English Lake district by Canoe is the experience of a life time.  Our expert staff will make sure you have all the skills necessary to operate your craft and make your day as memorable as possible.  

Explore the full length of Englands largest lakes or take a shorter more leisurely journey.  Stop for Ice cream or coffee, or for the more adventurous, we can stop along the way and brew up a fresh hot brew on one of the Lakes islands.


Why not have a go at Canoe Orienteering?  The perfect family or group activity, giving you the chance to learn some map skills and explore the Lakes,  all while answering questions about what you find.  There might even be a prize at the end of it!


For those who want a more group friendly activity, or if you're not as steady as you used to be, rafted canoeing could be the perfect activity for you.  With a rafted canoe we turn two boats into one, meaning that you are completely stable (0% chance of capsizing) and you can work as a team.


What Will I need?

Check out our Activity information pages and check out or packing lists, or our FAQ page for all the information you may need.


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